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Design to Code, for embedded systems.

Figure out how KnowCode works, converting images into code for GUI implementation.

Upload the prototype image and the assets

KnowCode "reads" .jpg or .png files. The good news is that you can keep using your favorite design tools, like Photoshop, Adobe XD, Flutter, etc. You only need to export your prototype image in one of these types of files. Besides that, it will be better if you have the assets (image icons). In this way, KnowCode'll provide an output with more quality and precision.

Note: you have to upload one screenshot per access, whitch will be converted into code.

Follow these steps:

1. On the KnowCode tool, click "Get Started";

2. Fill the form with the Early Access Key and the name of the Project;

3. Upload the screenshot (.jpg or .png);

4. Upload the image icons in a package (.zip). If you don't have the access check the box stating this;

5. Click "Send Project".

Make minimal adjustments to the elements

The KnowCode tool will load the screenshot and identify all elements, using AI. So, it's time to check that everything is OK with each element, such as buttons, image buttons, images, text views and so on.

At this phase, you can check and change:

  • ´╗┐X and Y element's positions;
  • Element type (Image Button, Text View, Button, Image View, Edite Text, Check Box, Radio Button, Spinner, Switch, Seek Bar, Progress Bar...);
  • Image Name;
  • Text Content.

Also, it's possible to:

  • ´╗┐Include or delet elements;
  • Specify background settings.

The goal here is to be quick. With more people using the KnowCode, the AI keeps learning to be more and more perfect.

Choose the GUI Framework and

download the source code

Here is where the magic happens. In this step you'll download the source code for your screenshot, based on an available GUI framework. The purpose of this is to help developers in a time consuming task, such as positioning the elements. In addition, the developer can continue to use his favorite GUI framework.

For now, the available GUI frameworks for embedded sytems are:

  • ´╗┐TotalCross
  • TouchGFX
  • NXP GUI Guider + LVGL

But, the KnowCode team is working hard to launch new options, such as: ...

After the download is complete, you'll follow specific steps to "upload" the source code in each GUI framework. As each of them has different steps, we recommend watching our tutotials videos.

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