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Speed up GUI implementation for Embedded Systems

Computer Vision applied to convert design into engineer friendly code, in a few minutes.

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Automating the GUI development

Freedom for Designers. Freedom for Developers.

agnostic design to code tool

Agnostic Design-to-code tool

Designers can use the tools they already love, guaranteeing a high level of UI/UX on the project. KnowCode "read" image files, maintaining the design quality.

no dull programming work

No "dull programming work"

No more coding GUI from scratch. KnowCode significantly reduces GUI time implementation, automating the code generation on the boring development phase.

Established GUI Frameworks

Established GUI Frameworks

KnowCode is perfect for embedded/IoT devices. GUI development can be time consuming and that's why KnowCode is ready to export code for the main frameworks on the market.

Not new a design tool.

Not a new GUI framework.

A different approach.

See how it works!

Check these demo videos to see the magic happening.

with TouchGFX

with NXP GUI Guider

with TotalCross

What is KnowCode?

Fast GUI Implementation

KnowCode is a software development tool which speeds up Graphical User Interfaces implementation. KnowCode uses computer vision to detect all GUI elements (button, text, check box, slider and so on) and convert it into an intermediary format, like XML and JSON to generate code for GUI frameworks (e.g. NXP GUI Guider, TouchGFX, TotalCross).

what is knowcode?

4 steps of KnowCode

A simple process that will really come in handy.



Upload the prototype image (JPG or PNG) in the KnowCode web application.

Computer Vision


KnowCode's computer vision detects all components.



Make some minimals adjustments to the element's settings.

Source Code


Choose the target GUI Framework and download the source code.

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Successful Design Handoff

Be free to use any design tool.

KnowCode is completely agnostic in terms of input from graphical designer tools (e.g. Figma, Sketch, AdobeXD, Photshop). Designers don't have to worry about changing the way they already usually work. KnowCode is not a new design tool, it is an easy way to make the design handoff happen without complications. This is possible thanks to the computer vision, since it "reads" an image format (e.g. JPG, PNG).

No "boring work" do Developers

Automate a huge phase in GUI development.

In terms of output, KnowCode exports intermediary formats to provide engineer friendly code (readable and maintainable). It takes care of the components coding phase (like button, text, check box, slider), determining element type, color, position, size and so on. The best part: it provides friendly code exporting to the main established GUI frameworks on the embedded/IoT market.

New features coming soon

New devices. New frameworks.

We are working harder to include new ways to make your job easier. Very soon, we expect to include other options for the output phase (exporting source codes). It will include new GUI frameworks, as LVGL, Flutter and React.

Save up to 80% of time by removing the boring work and maintaining design quality

KnowCode automates a huge parte of the GUI implementation. If you want further information, let us know at:

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